Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead is Back!

Last night we went to watch Evil Dead, me being a movie enthusiast after this trailer (beware it’s Red Banded), I had to desperately watch the movie. I remember the old ones with Bruce Campbell and while I personally think the twist at the end of the second one and the whole Army of Darkness thing went too comedic for me (don’t get me wrong, I do love a good comedy aswell) after watching the first 2 Evil Deads (the first one more than the second one) I feel we finally got a very good serious horror movie that feels a lot like Evil Dead:

Plain Review and Spoiler free Observations

For those that have been wondering what am I talking about and how do all of these motion pictures link to each other, here’s a summary, the first three were produced by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert, and were also Directed by Raimi featuring Bruce Campbell as the main Character “Ash Williams”. The first one was the first Raimi full feature and was banned in several countries due to the horror, gore, violent and mature content but was very succesfull, it was about the story of 5 characters that spent a night in an abandoned cabin, unleashing a prime evil after playing a recording chanting the scriptions of a cursed book made of human skin and written in human blood (Necronimicon). The second one was a retelling of the first one, with only the two main characters of the previous movie and now including the archeologist that did the recording and his daughter, ending with Ash traveling back in time (the twist I don’t like). Finally Army of Darkness comes which places Ash back in 1300 AD where he has to fight an Army of Demons to get back the Necronomicon and return to his time.

Watch Out Spoilers ahead, Click here to continue

As it managed to keep all the elements of the original story it also managed to make those things even creepier, you have to admit the possesion this time is way more frightening while maintaining the tree element. The hand amputation is also back but in a very clever new way and the fact that the remaining character is still the one that loses the hand was awesome. Finally that ultimate twist that allow Mia to survive was very smart and made me respect the David Character that was very lame up until this point. Not the best Horror Movie of all time but a very satisfying one.

Did you guys watch the Groooooooovy part? jeje

Ash Groovy



The Verdict


The Good:

What was fun about this new version was the fact that even when it has a more serious approach it contains many if not all of the elements of the first two (minus the time travelling portal thingy) and I loved that. This new movie has it all, the cabin, the book (Now named Natorum Demonto), the five Characters this time by the names of Eric, Olivia, Mia, Mia’s brother David, and Natalie.

The Bad:

Not much was lacking, a little predictable and no Campbell Cameo until the end of the credits are my main complaint, yes there are a lot of exaggerations but it’s a horror movie, doesn’t it?

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