Oblivion is here to be "the" Sci-Fi Flick of 2013?

Well, let me start by saying that this movie caught me unaware of how good it was, it has many flaws and unnecessary plot, so it’s not like it’s an instant classic but was way better than I expected.

Oblivion 3

Plain Review and Spoiler free Observations

When I realized the movie was from Director Joseph Kosinski who directed Tron: Legacy aswell, the first thing that came to mind was that this movie might be both visually stunning and with a very rich universe, what I found was of course a really visually stunning movie, a world that was just rich enough in the sense that no too much was revealed, just the necessary and a really incredibly story with a soul bigger than character themselves, also when you hear Tom Cruise it automatically sets the expectation of an empty Action Hero, again I was surprised, Tech 49 Jack Harper was a very good character aswell, just complex enough and very likeable.

Watch Out Spoilers ahead, Click here to continue

Being said that, and warning you about the fact that there are Spoilers ahead for the last time, Jack Harper was a very good character, it wasn’t a super or action hero and was just complex enough, the Vitoria Olsen Character was very good aswell, it’s very hard to know if you like her or not (well at least the one you get to know) but certainly I grieved when she was desintegrated by the Drone, I liked that fact that Malcolm Beech (Morgan’s Freeman) wasn’t overused and Sykes (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) was exactly what it needed to be.

The Tet

Now to the amazing part, The Tet, this is where the Plot and Story takes the front line and te spotlight of the movie, leaving behind all the Characters and Actors aswell as the Photography, it was kinda difficult to assimilate what was going on and what really happened, in fact if it wasn’t for the last part when Jack gets to listen to the Odyssey Flight Recording I would have probably never realized what happened. My jaw literally dropped when I finally understood, The Tet was the Odyssey Original Mission, The rest of The Crew was expelled to save them from it, and it captured Jack and Victoria to Clone, Locate and Take Over the Earth, 50 years later the crew reached finally Earth and that’s when the Julia Rusakova enters the Plot,  just wow what an incredibly and unpredictable twist huh? jeje

There are however elements I didn’t like why didn’t the Victoria from Tech 52 Jack Harper called back the plane, I mean she must have realized something was wrong when no Jack returned or at least when the communication was lost or reestablished if Tech 52 was somehow able to communicate back to the Tower, and how come they found and brought back just only one of the Jacks, don’t get me wrong, it makes sense that the first one was Tech 52 but by the time the little girl og Julia and Tech 49 was at least 4 Years Old they must have have found more that just one Jack.

Well overall if it’s just Tom Cruise the issue you might have against watching the movie, you should just watch it, this is not the typical role for him, and the Movie delivers well all of the other aspects. I really recommend the movie but beware of it’s heavily Sci-Fi content, if you don’t like the Sci-Fi theme you’ll probably not like the Plot, specially the parts even I didn’t like.

The Verdict


The Good:

Very good Characters, their development was nicely done, the Story is amazing and unpredictable, I like the fact that it was challenging to understand (Inception like), and visually it’s Stunning with a very well defined universe.

The Bad:

The story has a moment when it felt stuck, but it picks up shortly after you noticed it’s getting too prolonged, there are a couple of scenes when Jack Harper sustained high altitude falls a regular Human Being wouldn’t have gotten up right away from or relatively unwounded, the whole movie makes an effort to stay a bit realistic for the Production to then pass this unnecessary exageration.

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