XBOX One Reversed DRM and Online Policies

As of today Don Mattrick himself wrote on this blog that as of now Microsoft changed certain policies regarding XBOX One, the entry was titled “Your Feedback Matters” the exact policies changed are:

  • No Region Locked, meaning that every XBOX One Game will be playable on any XBOX One Console.
  • No DRM for used game, meaning you can now lend, sell, trade or gift your game just as you do with XBOX 360 now.
  • No Online check in every 24 hours, meaning you can now play offline as much as you want without mandatory Online checkins


Well I guess this is good news but personally I think the damage is done, Sony knows it well since it happened with the PS3 and they didn’t make that mistake with their consumers and developers this time around. As a customer I can’t have much respect or confidence for a company that “listens to their customers feedback loud and clear” just after a drop on preorder sales when this three policies since the first announcement were “loud and clear” a preoccupation for XBOX followers and gamers in general alike, don’t forget the “if our customers want an offline option we have it and it’s called XBOX 360” statement.

I think this sets the fact that PS4 is doing very good at sales and Microsoft is desperate to not lose any more ground by adopting the same policies Sony is announcing, a gap that must be really big in sales in favor of Sony outside North America where like me in Venezuela you don’t necessarily have the best Internet Service in the World or access to it at all times, sure South & Central America along with Europe, Middle East, Africa and some Asia might not be the majority of the Consoles consumers but I bet even in Japan and North American not everyone has Internet access all the time, imagine this your ISP gets a Technical Failure that’s gonna take about 2 days to fix, that means you won’t be able to play 24 hours after the service failed for the first time until they fix it, or imagine this you get your residence really damaged by a Tornado, Storm, Snow, Flood or etc … goodbye t playing with your XBOX until you can get all settled and fixed again. Sure those are not your everyday scenario but it can happen, it happens more often and to more people than you think.

Gladly this means XBOX One will survive but I’m still not convinced to get one, guess I’ll stick with my Playstation affinity like I have had since PSOne. Will Mattrick stay as head of the XBOX One for much longer? I don’t think so, this is another example of a bad leadership that wasn’t able to see out of the box and in the consumers shoes before it was late, this behavior has led other companies out of the right track and very close to complete failure, look at RIM and what they had to do change their course and still remains uncertain if they’ll achieve the same level of success RIM just once and recently had. Anyways this is still funny, don’t you think?

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