Happy Birthday Ezio Auditore

I know … yes I know it was the 24th, but I was very busy at work this week and didn’t have the time to post this then, but Ezio is so awesome I felt the need to do it no matter what jeje.

Ezio is one of the most charismatic characters in Video Game, and according to his Assassin’s Creed Timeline was born in June 24th of 1459 in Firenze, hence why he’s called Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. He is the second Assassin we are shown in Desmond’s Ancestry and so far besides Desmond he is the only one that has been able to play memories and become another Assassin via simulation, Desmond had the Animus and Ezio the Discs left by Altaïr for that.

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He’s also the first Assassin to set a Brotherhood after Masyaf until that moment the Assassins were kinda extinct, not t mention he retrieves and decrypted Altaïr’s Codex, Discs, Armor, Sword and learned his techniques like the double blade or the gun in the armlets, so he’s kinda the most important Assassin after Altaïr.

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Now call me a sucker if you want but there’s a very good part of the Brotherhood story in Brotherhood that you don’t get to see unless you’re fully synchronized that is very good and touching, I’m talking about Ezio’s first and only true love Cristina Vespuccio, the good part is that I’m not going deep into it you can just watch the video below if you want to know more.

After Brotherhood a new Ezio is born, not as cool as the first one but this one is very nostalgic, the good thing we finally got a happy and fulfilled Ezio even if it meant he won’t be an Assassin anymore after he discovers the truth, unlike Altaïr that we learn what happened to him via references (Codex and research) we actually see everything about Ezio in 3 Games and one short Movie calles Embers, which I really recommend you to watch, with that Ezio’s story concludes very nicely at least as far as I am concerned. Here’s the Trailer:

And if you look up and ask nicely I can point you to a place where you can find it, living in Venezuela it is almost impossible for me to get and it’s sad for those in a situation like mine to not be able to appreciate this work.

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