Ghost in the Shell: Arise

This is one of the most Iconic and best Animes to date and starting this June 22nd the First Episode out of 4 planned was released to the public, I just finished watching it and was awesome, despite the art having change a bit (it’s not that different from any of the Stand Alone Complex) the story was great and left me craving for me.

General Comments

Well I’m not going to elaborate that much here since I plan on doing a Review, but for those wondering what is this about and Spoiler Free here I go.

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The Anime is set as the earliest Prequel Story of the Ghost in the Shell Animated lot, we get to see a lot of the Major Kusanagi back story specially if you compare to hoe much we know about here from previous installments, and is basically the story of how Public Security Section 9 was formed as we know it. In case you’re wondering, yes! there are Tachikomas, well not really but keep reading the Spoiler Section if you want to learn more.

Synopsis -Spoiler Warning- You have to click here to read them

It starts with Kusanagi getting to know an important info that leads here to collaborate with Aramaki in the investigation of Lieutenant Colonel Mamoru wrongdoings right before he gets killed, who happens to be Kusanagi’s mentor and legal guardian from then it jumps to how Aramaki first sets eye on Kusanagi and how she met for the first time with Batou, Ishikawa, Paz and of course … to what happens to be the origins to the Tachikoma a Logicoma, it’s fun to realize it was Makoto than one that gave them voice jeje.

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Well as any other Ghost in the Shell work it’s really well done and the story is very clever but dense, meaning you can’t waist a second of attention if you really want to get what’s going on, in this one there’s also a plot twist inside a plot twist that’s also inside a plot twist lol.

Xzibit Meme GOITS Arise

Anyhow living in Venezuela and knowing how hard it is to get Original Anime and the fact I’m writing this entirely for free, this time I’m going to share for a short time some links and pointers on Fansub groups that has already released a translated version:

  • I recommend this one though I don’t know the group that released it it’s 720p and otherwise a problem with capital V’s the subs is flawless.
  • There’s also the ZYZM group release that has Chinese, Japanese and English subs this one is an ED2K Hash also a 720p release.
  • Finally I recommend the eraser group version in this ED2K Hash that also a 720p release also subbed in English not having all the subs and being encoded a bit lower than the other two this one is the smallest files in bytes.

Si estás buscando subtítulos en español clickea aqui jeje.

Anyhow if you really want the distribution to spread to your city the first step is to support the distributors by buying some, Arise is not yet available but you can find some other Ghost in the Shell related Blu-Rays in Amazon already for $15 each in average.

Well I have done all the work getting all this info together for you, now go watch, enjoy and share your thoughts, by the way is anyone thinking what I’m thinking could the 501 unit be a reference to Star Wars?.


  1. Anonymous June 30, 2013 10:10 pm  Reply

    hi good review! do you have a link to watch it? thanks rock on

    • DevilYan June 30, 2013 10:17 pm  Reply

      Yes, sadly it’s not streamed. Actually in the post I put three different links, one Torrent and 2 ED2K hashes, you’ll need BitTorrent for the first one and Emule for the second and third one, both are free and pretty easy to find if yo google them.

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