Destiny BETA Impressions

Hey everyone, it’s been a while but was about time to come back here jeje so I chose to do it with my Destiny BETA Impressions, while having in mind it’s just a BETA and we haven’t seen the whole game yet there’s some work that needs to be done if we think about how close the game release is now.

The Game in General

The music is really really good and Bungie did a nice job on the ambience in general, not only the graphics but the world looks stunning and the user interface to go up in Orbit or go down to Earth, The Tower, Moon etc is nicely done, however there’s some elements that feel odd like most PC animations, while NPCs and AI look like a perfect fit for Destiny’s world, watching another PC Jump or run looks awkward not to mention those terrible emotes that doesn’t feel mocaped at all, it’s really just details what needs to be polished.


We don’t want every MMO out there to be the same, and it might be because this is just a BETA but we need a tool that lets us group together and interact with other players outside our Fire Team, for the BETA and the leveling content it’s ok to go out with PUGs (Picked Up Groups) but as someone who has played quite a few years of MMO’s end game stuff is a pain to do with random people, sure we have an app and has chat functions but what if you don’t have enough battery on your handheld the moment you’re playing?

Maybe it’s because there’s only 8 levels to go through the BETA but classes doesn’t really feel tat different from each other, all abilities are kind of shared and just reskinned like the Titan’s Punch and the Hunter’s Knife attacks and that makes the game repetitive which is not that bad, but there’s a total lack of mechanics that lets you feel the uniqueness of your class and that’s particular odd for an MMORPG, imagine investing 80+ hours to get max level always doing the same and changing only the place you’re aiming at the boss.


I like Video Games for a good story and the characters, settings, etc even if the game mechanics are a bit broken because I love a good story, I picked up the Destiny BETA for PS4 and so far I’m liking it very much and I’m sure they’ll listen and tweak here and there, I think it’s definitely worthy to pick up specially since even though of course DLC will come in the future and will have a price, the game itself is not under a subscription scheme and makes it cheaper to play. Remember we’ll be able to play until July 28th with a 2 day maintenance when the game will be down from July 22nd to July 24th for PS4 the dates for XBOX One BETA are different and get to play the BETA only from July 24th to July 28th.

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