Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns E3 News

The E3 is almost here and all the hype is starting to get volatile over the net, SQUARE-ENIX has already announced a few interesting facts about what we will see at the show specifically regarding Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns Banner

First announcement, the title won’t be coming out on this fall as initially scheduled, it has been pushed back to February 11 of 2014 for North America and February 14 of 2014 for Europe, they also showed us this Trailer with Snow and Noel! can you recognize anybody else?

The Ultimate Box Final Fantasy XIII set was also revealed to contain the 3 FFXIII Games, Soundtrack, Artwork, Lightning Collection Figure and more  unconfirmed surprises, sadly so far it will be available only to Japan territory, the announced price was 26,000 yen ($260), here’s a picture of the confirmed contents aswell as the PS3 Box Artwork

This time Lightning seems more powerful than ever in a more dark but still futuristic world, apparently she’ll have the power to stop time this time, a very cool Shield that’s also part of the Armband Armor but the most promising part you can appreciate from the Trailer is the fact that the exploration and surroundings seem huge, finally something at leat remotely resembling the classic Final Fantasy free roaming we used to have.

Having all this is nice, but jeje here’s what we are all asking ourselves, where is Final Fantasy XIII: Versus? will it ever be released? Is it still a part of the FFXIII Universe? if you ask me, I have a hunch it’ll be announced as the PS4 Final Fantasy 4 Game because it can’t be delayed anymore unless SQUARE-ENIX doesn’t care about their fan base / customers anymore and think about it why release an Ultimate FFXIII Box Set that will not contain a FFXIII related game? don’t you think?

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