The End of Gantz

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In this year’s 24th issue of Shueisha‘s Young Jump magazine, was announced that Hiroya Oku‘s manga series Gantz will end. The announcement followed up on Oku’s previous note in Shueisha‘s Miracle Jump magazine of last month that the series would be ending soon.

Oku launched the manga in Young Jump in 2000, and Shueisha published the 36th compiled book volume in Japan in March. The “Final Phase” of the manga began in 2009. Oku had previously written that he had wanted to finish the manga in 2012, the day chosen by the artist to end this wonderful manga was June 20th, with a full color edition.

Gantz must be genred as a chaos. It’s one of the best mangas ever. Probably there won’t be anything like this. As like Elfen Lied don’t think that I’ll just write about stuff who has explicit rated content. But first I have to get rid of them, after then the rest would come.

I don’t know where to start. High detailed realistic drawings, non-stop chaos, beautiful girls, uglyness of aliens and humans, extreme sexuality & violence are its biggest leverages to satisfy it’s audience. Unfortunately, you are not as lucky as you may think. Many of the things you’ll see will shock your mind.  I’ll tell what I like about it, but in the end, lets leave the best for last.

Let me explain this simple. You would be nauseated if you eat too many and different things one after another? Unless you are strong that is what you get when you let your curiousity fly. Violence became very popular and prospective. Except some genres, every manga has fight scenes, artistic movements, gears, weapons, gore, blood. But the way it used in manga is disturbing. Sometimes you can’t have fun while reading it. How would you? The way it tells the events is relentless. People can die in actions or chaos utopias, but how many? And how? In all chaos sceneraios innocent people get hurt, injured or die. Sometimes it gets so brutal that you can see hundreds of limbs and organs. Nearly every character dies (some of them revive thanks for the Gantz).

Emotional density is drawing the attention, you will see characters crying, running for their survival, fighting against their will, living. At least manga show us different types of emotions, but once again they way you use it makes you feel bad. Think this like you are having new friends after a short while you are losing them, you are trying to survive for your brother tough it doesn’t help you to stay alive etc. Actually when you get used to it, nothing can disturb you.

Once I highlight action current is fun. Gantz has an anime serie and two movies. You fell like wow! while reading or watching it. Good speedy drawings make you feel what’s going on. You can be sure that if you are an actionlover Gantz will give what you want. Bad thing is sometimes it repeats itself or get worse. Fierce battles won’t end easily. Poor for them good for us. Unless if you don’t like surprises about killing them easily and be mistaken. Don’t get ready for much thing. Things that you never expect may occur. In Gantz you can find people from everywhere. Mafia, rapers, highschool girls, old people, cops even Vampires. Every character gives a different taste to story. With the type of characters, you realize once again how can people be so disgusting or stupid. It’s up to you rue or taunt them. Thanks for the humour that contrariety with action and violence,  you can even get that it’s a smart manga when you are reading jokes.

Gantz not only famous with original story, non-stop action and extreme violence. A spicy Echii sauce also something you will see frequently in the story. Even in covers there will be nude Gantz girls with our without guns. There’s no disgrace in nudity. Sometimes it’s good, really. Sexuality is part of a human nature. Something important like breath…We’ll talk about that later.  At least much better than stuff and people who still see sexuality as a taboo.  Nevertheless, great weird creativity of manga may sabotage your fantasies and may turn them in boobies with nightmare. Or something you wish to never see.

Gantz always will be for me one of  best mangas and my favorites. It’s weird that there is nothing similiar to it. At least not that I don’t know. 

Gantz 382 - Page 25

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