E3 Schedule for Monday 10th of June

Here it is the Schedule for the E3 Expo for Monday 10th of June, Microsoft will start, they should talk about the XBOX One and about more Exclusive Games, lets hope we hear good things this time, and that the IGNs prediction turns out true and we’ll see some Halo 5, then Electronics Arts should follow and present mostly Sport Games and the omnipresent Call of Duty, word is EA is playing safe this year, but who knows, might we see some Star Wars related announcements? I hope so, don’t you? After tat be prepared wo watch a lot of Pirates with Black Flag and Hackers with Watch Dogs, if you think about it Hackers and Pirates are kinda the same thing, jeje right? Finally Sony will close the day. be sure to not miss the PS4 Console Reveal! you can watch it live here https://us.playstation.com/.

You can find here the specific Times, and below the Events individually:

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