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Ready to know all about the E3 2013 Ubisoft Press Conference? be prepared to spend a good 1:50 hour full of excitement:

Now that you watched it lets talk about it, one of the cool things about this conference was the fact that the audience could, via various hashtags that appeared along the event, ask any questions to the developers to get answers in the post conference event. Before the introduction of Aisha Tyler,  The event started with …

Rocksmith 2014 Edition

Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains jamming some riffs here and there to introduce guess what? Rocksmith! well duh! it’s what the title of this pane says jeje, the game looks awesome and has a new feature where you can form a virtual band that will react to the things you do in the Guitar, Jerry controlled the game giving voice commands! and you can choose from a very very long list of possible instrument combinations.


Splinter Cell Blacklist

Sam Fisher is back, the next game in line was Splinter Cell Blacklist, we only got to see an extended trailer showing about the conflict and main plot of the game, the game has a date of release for August 2013

Splinter Cell BL

Rayman Legends

We got to see a very nice trailer, this time we got some very good gameplay and we got multiplayer show in competitive and cooperative modes! to end the Rayman show some nice Boss Fights were teased and Musical Maps with over 120 Levels featured, a release date for September 3rd was also confirmed

The Might Quest for Epic Loot

In the  world of Opulencia you have to steal from others to form your treasure, and of course protect yours in the process, its multiplayer meaning you can steal from your friends via different tactics to overcome the traps and defenses set by the soon be previous owner fo your loot, what was fun was the introductory video which was incredibly funny.

South Park The Stick of Truth

Made by Obsidian Entertainment (yes the very same guys that did Fallout: New Vegas) and yeah it feels like the TV show starting with the Nagasaki … ooooooooh jeje dated for this Holiday season, don’t forget … never ever … fart on someone elses balls

The Crew

Ok, this is where we get serious, the first next gen game shown on te press conference, it’s a CGI Trailer that shows us a game were you have challenges you and your crew must accomplish all across the US, customizing your car according to the situation like off road and overcoming police cars in very exciting chases. Release Window is set to early 2014.

After the Trailer the game designer tells us all about how the objective of the game is to take over a Criminal Organization one City at a time, it is a MMO one of the at least 3 car oriented MMOs we are having in the next gen (remember Drive Club and Forza Motorsport) the Solo and Cooperative modes change without loading screens and the world is open and persistent. then a few players are introduced and we get how Paul and his crew do a mission in cooperative mode.

The Crew


Continuing the next gen Games we get to se the Watchdogs Trailer leaked the day before the conference, so nothing new was revealed other than confirming an open world Chicago hacking game.

Watch Dogs Featured

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

So it’s Edward Kenways turn, a very cool and nice looking CGI Trailer is shown just like _Ubisoft did with all the other ACs this one ends with a brutal death via a steering wheel, but this was not a new Trailer the one that followed was not shown before, sadly nothing we didn’t knew already about the game.

AC Black Flag Featured

The Division

Finally the Ubisoft hidden jewel for the event it’s a tactical combat multiplayer game in a post apocalyptic world, it’s a Tom Clancy series game, gameplay was shown another Online Open World game and lol the Developer scared the audience.


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Lets start with the obvious, dear god why!? WHY!? I can’t stand Aisha Tyler’s jokes they were very bad and felt forced, like she didn’t knew what she was talking about, wait … did she knew what she was talking about? well lets put that behind us. Starting the conference with Jerry Cantrell was a big win for me, I also like to play the Guitar and have always been curious to try Rocksmith the thing it’s just too expensive in Caracas to buy but now I might try the 2014 version, I’m very curious about how the band thing will work, if it does work like Jerry demonstrated OMG it’s like a game brought out from science fiction lol.

The next thing Aisha presented was Splinter Cell Blacklist, the Trailer to introduced the game I feel was not composed very well, you could barely see what was happening with all those lists, distortion and static going on and on all around the screen, I would say it was this conference big fail.

Rayman is like the perfect example of a simple game perfectly set into the new generation of consoles, it looked astonishing and the game play seems really fast and fluid it was almost like watching a full budget modern-day animated movie from a big studio, not my kind of game and I’ll probably never play it like I have never played a Rayman before this one, but the game deserves it’s praise, the Boss Fight really caught my attention. On the other hand The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot looks fun, but no interesting or groundbreaking at all.

When we finally get serious, wow did Ubisoft do a good job on presentation for this one, let me say the Trailer is just awesome. the way the tires from up the car and it starts to assemble out of thin air is very cool. If the gameplay is half as cool as te Trailer I’m all in for this one, it has it all you get to have a crew like in Drive Club but to do jobs, very Fast and te Furious style, very very nice watch the Trailer:

Nest games were Watchdogs and Assassins Creed Black Flag, nothing new I love this games and I’m very eager to the next AC, I feel AC3 was good but Connor was an empty character compared to Ezio, Edward feels like a very good character to return to the AC universe and I have a feeling of multiple games for his storyline.

Best of the show? The Division amazing game just watch the Gameplay Trailer:

It started with the expected: Assassin’s Creed 4 DLC, Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and the next Just Dance game.
Surprise showings this year were: Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Crew, Just Dance 2014, Trials Fusion & Trials Frontier, and The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

Their press conference was different and as a developer and publisher they are evolving with their new engine and their Lineup, they killed with the division, that games is everything I want on a game and the best is that is in third person( I rather played third person games) .

Ubisoft deserve our respect in all way


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