Killer Instinct XBOX One Exclusive E3 2013 Video

Ever since they renewed the trademark to “Killer Instinct” I always dreamed on playing this game again, the first time I played this was with my Super NES it was a bundle with the console and the killercuts disk( By the way I still hear the SabreWulf Ost of the first game).

We thought that Capcom took a long time to get back into their franchises. It took 11 years after MvC2 for them to release Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and it was 9 years between the last Street Fighter III and the first Street Fighter IV. So, how long did it take them to reboot Killer Instinct? Well, Killer Instinct 2 was released in 1996 and it’s now 2013.

That’s 17 very long years. (I’m getting Old,) in the gameplay demo, we see the likes of Jago and Sabrewulf, but the trailer also reveals Glacius too. Chances are that most of the original cast, like Fulgore and Orchid, will also make the cut. There’s also a very good chance that some new characters will be introduced. They didn’t say much about gameplay itself, but it’ll probably be a similar “dial-a-combo” system that we saw in the original games. As far as first impressions, the graphics aren’t exactly astounding and the heavy-handedness of it reminds me of the newer Mortal Kombat engine that also underpins Injustice.

What do you think? Is the new Killer Instinct enough of a reason for you to choose the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4? 🙂

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