Facebook gives Green Light to the Invasion of the #Hashtags

Facebook da luz verde a la invasión de los #hashtagsThe last bastion has fallen. Facebook has just announced the arrival of the hashtags (# and # you know, those # words # key # preceded by the # symbol ‘#’ is # used to # make # themes # popular and that # sometimes # abused in # excess) to your social network.

Is not that until now you could not use these tags, but Facebook has implemented tools for clicking on a hashtag, we can see updates from our friends who use it. Also can write our status updates directly from a list of these tags. The hashtag has an update, however, does not alter the level of privacy we have imposed.

Although not detailed, as will soon be adopted with enthusiasm by commercial brands and for those users who like to use these labels profusely.

Now we will see how the facebook will be run by those mindless Instagram fans that write each word with an hashtag in between. God that’s very annoying.


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