Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag E3 2013 Trailers

Lets finally talk about Assassin’s Creed, I’m a huge fan about the series in fact I like them so much these are the only games I have gone all the way for the Platinum Trophy on the PSN. The plot bringing up all these Templar Catholic and Relic elements are just great not to mention their links with actual historical events and their charismatic characters that deserve an entire post devoted to them (not you Connor, jeje).

Well the love for Black Flag started with Assassin’s Creed III Naval Battles which were both groundbreaking and well done, lets hope the Pirate Version of Assassin’s Creed finish the job of perfecting them, here’s the original release Trailer:

Then we were treated with a new Trailer entitled World Gameplay Premiere, sure there was some in-game engine scene but if you ask me there’s no Gameplay at all, you can see some very awesome things and if you watch close enough you’ll see the chain assassinations are still there, viewpoint synchs and some of the new things are Whales! and Sharks! oh boy let’s watch thee Trailer argh:

The third one was a really cool Story Trailer were we learn a few things about Edward Kenway, like he wasn’t a Pirate at first but apparently he got betrayed and strip of something or somethings he wants back, this time without bowing to any man he swears his crew loyalty to get what was rightfully theirs:

The the new Motto at the end? “Defy Order” cool huh? so Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted, Defy Order.

Well let’s get to business with the new 3 videos shown at the E3 2013, the first one is more about the environment that shows us the Caribbean in full splendor (will Venezuela be a part of it?) but the video is not only cool, it also features an amazing song that in case you were wondering I already did the work to find it (not that hard with Shazzam jeje) te song is Full Circle by Half Moon Run here you go first the song then the video:

Finally! we get some serious and real gameplay and yes it was good! then transition from script to gameplay was almost non existent, and we can see that gladly as the game evolves, in some release more than others, its sequels have learned to keep these small or big improvements, you can still lean-to hide against walls and in the vegetation MGS3 style and jump on trees like Connor did, by the time Edward shot four guys in less than a second did you all thought what I did? we should get a Cowboys Assassin’s Creed Game jeje. to end the Trailer the game transitions from the regular Assassin’s Creed we know so far to the iconic Naval Battles without loading!:

Awesome huh? well finally we were treated with a full CGI Trailer like we are used to in AC Games, and this one ends with the Brutal Death of the Ship’s Captain by his own Steering Wheel:

Lets see how it comes, for the moment I’ll be getting it for PS4 since there’s no point of buying for the PS3 if we have the next-gen version available aswell.

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