Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Multiplayer Details

Since Brotherhood, the franchise has had a very unique multiplayer that has evolved without changing it’s core too much to the present AC games, we already know from the E3 info that we will have multiplayer in Black Flag and that it’ll not be all that different from what we are used to. Reading in the web I stumbled on this Article from the Ubi Blogs,  along with at least four characters revealed:

There’s also details about the tweaks the Multiplayer mode will have this time, you can now customize the conditions of the match like in allow only 1 kind of weapon, or restricting skills, so now we’ll have about 200 different combinations of tweaks to the already know matches like Wanted or Contract to name just 2 of them.

Thanks to RajmanGamingHD we can watch at some of the action:

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