Superman VS Hulk: Who do you think will win?

Superman VS Hulk

What do you will happen if  Classic Superman Fight world breaker Hulk???

Here I will discuss who would win in a battle taking into account the data that give us in their comics and crossovers.

Let’s start with


Hulk is a mutant created from his alter-ego Bruce Banner and his gamma bomb.

Hulk is famous for lifting more weight than any other character in Marvel villains without reaching to hold a mountain of 50 bills over him, and besides that also broke the Hammer of Thor, that is 1 million tons. He left the Earth in two and destroyed an asteroid twice the size of the planet as gray Hulk, his weaker incarnation can jumps exceeding 1000 km altitude, reaching  deep space and enduring in water and in the cosmos, also limbo and, as World breaker  Hulk succeeded in destroying the entire west coast of America with one step, but in that way, which incidentally, is the most powerful, his greatest achievement was undoubtedly destroy a slap dimension , an achievement that did not make the same Superman. Having into account their ability to rage and increase strength and size, Hulk could get stronger than Superman if he does not realize his rage levels .this is some crossover  facts

  •  Throwing a punch Superman into space
  • Holding almost 12 strokes followed Superman always getting up.
  • Send to Hercules to Olympus
  • Superman-Power see when going to a supersonic speed.
  • Resist all weapons, including missiles and tank fire.
  • Regenerate your muscles from meatless.
  • Endure Superman laser vision
  • Defeat Zeus and the Avengers


He survived the destruction of his planet and educated on Earth as Clark Kent, his merit: Being the second superhero history. its early achievements are: Playing basketball with the moon, Holding 200 quintillion tons with one hand, Holding together the Cap. Marvell the infinite book go 1000 times faster than the speed of light, survive a double black hole, traveling to the past and the future with his speed, kill a wizard who defeated the entire League Justice, through a star, surviving a Supernova and catch only by surrounding it with their speed, power absorbed Maggedon that could destroy a galaxy, sun deflecting a simple blow, destroying a solar system from a sneeze literally move more than a dozen planet to another galaxy with a chain, dragging galaxies Flash dodge punches, survive within the sun for thousands of years, his punches beyond space-time and alter reality , in crossovers:

  • She resisted Hulk punches without even moving
  • He managed to calm Hulk
  • He managed to beat Thor and his hammer grip easily.

This is the video of the crossover between both

Bonus video, hahahaha

You have the last Word at the end…


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