Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

Mechas and Monsters fight for the planet in a fresh and modern look at the Kaiju movies genre.

It’s a Guillermo Del Toro film, and it’s produced with a substantial budget so it’s not surprise we got a very good movie as a result, it still have some flaws that were totally unnecessary but overall a way above average film.


Plain Review and Spoiler free Observations

To start with let me tell you I’m not rating it biased on my affection for anime and I hate Kaiju genre movies I feel they’re lame and silly.

This movie was awesome I went to watch it without knowing what to think since it got impressive reviews and comments like Hideo Kojima’s:

So how not go to watch it jejeje, well we did about 2 weeks ago and was no disappointed. I was very impressed as it’s fast on getting you on the edge of your sit just as it starts aswell as guide you telling us how this all world was coherent putting piece by piece together without over telling, the film even starts explaining what are Kaijus and Jaegers, then moves on telling us what happened and even how the Jaegers are operated, the battles are just masterfully done and can’t get much better than a huge mecha hitting a huge monster with an oiler tank like it was a baseball bat jeje.


I also like the fact they don’t go deep into explaining why are the Kaijus attacking us and why are they like that, sadly it’s very predictable and even though you can relate with the main character Gipsy Danger pilot Raleigh Becket his counterpart is not that good, I even got to dislike the character, also they take a very nice character like Stacker Pentecost and then screw it almost at the end.

Watch Out Spoilers ahead, Click here to continue

If you have already watched you might know which character am I talking about above as Raleigh’s partner and yes it is Mako Mori, she’s bad to the point of being annoying I think the character was well written but poorly acted I mean … Yancy Becket, Raleighs brother is more memorable and he’s in the movie like 15 minutes.

Also why oh why did they had to make Stacker pilot Stryker at the last-minute, it was just lame that he’s so good or lucky to be perfectly compatible with Chuck Hansen and perfectly in shape after more than 9 years of his last mission piloting a Jaeger, for me it was the main dislike fo the movie, was way too stretched into fan service instead of a coherent decision and situation and what’s worse, could have been avoidable, they were lots of candidates that were probably better suited like the ones competing to pilot Gipsy Danger with Raleigh, heck they could have even saved one of the Chinesse or Russian pilots or even send Herc Hansen with the injured arm, it was a run not a full-fledged fight.

I did not appreciate the Independence Day like scene when the Aliens watch the Jaeger drop and explode, it was just like when on Independence Day the alien watches the nuclear missile just as it explodes. The Evangelion reference was awesome though, the Chinesse Jaeger Crimson Typhoon looked just like EVA-00 in the bridge at the time they arrive to Anchorage’s Shatterdome.


In summary I definitely mark this one as a must watch even if you’re not a Sci Fi, Kaiju or Mecha genre movies fan, you’ll like something of this movie, however and coming from a Mexican director it’s weird it had to be spoiled with Americanism and some story choices that predictable that could have been better, I don’t get how it was overlooked the Stacker complaint I made, just look over the spoiler area to get what I’m saying here.

The Verdict


The Good:

The Mecha designs were awesome and the fights out of this world, they way Pacific Rim’s universe connects to ours was just perfect aswell, nailed on the actor choice for the main character as Gipsy Danger’s Pilot

The Bad:

Gets predictable just at the end, Female lead actress choice was a miss (no pun intended jeje) and the last pilot selected for the last mission was just unnecessary

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