Saint Seiya Omega – War Against Mars Arc

Saint Seiya Omega – War Against Mars Arc

New young Bronze Saints take over the responsibility of saving Athena, could the original Bronze Saints guide them for them to reach their goal?

I really didn’t expect to be so entertained by this and for it to be so addictive, even when there’s something about the animation that feels cheap (at least for me) and felt like the design was a bit off what we are used to, specially after Lost Canvas … ok was an OVA and more money was put to make it … but still even the color scheme of the Gold Cloths didn’t feel right.

Saint Seiya Omega Gold Saints

Plain Review and Spoiler free Observations

It’s unusual how it starts almost lettinh you down and in the end it lets you wanting more and more.

The Character Design

Though the actual characters are a lot in the same line of the whole series the Cloths Design are not, Aquila’s Cloth is more fabric than actual Bronze and the color palletes of the Gold Cloths not only looks weird but they’re way too different between themselves, Pisces Cloth for Example is like made from a different material than the rest of the Gold Cloths. It’s not exactly Character Design but lets talk about landscapes and animation, they also feel very cheap from a series of this trajectory, we got exactly 3 different animations for the “Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken” in 52 Episodes and the environment was very poorly detailed and drawn. What I liked? the whole Jewel Concept, was something really fresh and more coherent than carrying a huge Cloth Box in which the Original Cloths didn’t fit anyways, and as far as Gold Cloths are ok and Aquila’s Cloth doesn’t look like armor at all Lionet, Pegasus and Orion Cloths looks awesome, Dragon is just ok.

Saint Seiya Gold Saints

Story and Argument

It starts slow and drifts a lot from the former events and even its own main storyline, however once in Pallaestra the story gets shape and is pretty much driven by just one goal, it also gets very smart in the way they deal with the once again “lets climb the whole 12 Zodiac House”s with refreshing and new elements that doesn’t quite repeat the same story we have seen over and over, can’t talk about the Gold Saints in order to not spoil but you’ll be happy with almost the whole lot. also Kouga’s origins are quite cool and the way old characters were introduced was also really cool, but we didn’t get to revisit Ikki (makes me a sad panda).

Saint Seiya Omega Bronzes

Music and Soundtrack

The best part of the Anime, is just brilliant starting from a remake of Pegasus Fantasy as the first Opening was really good, but the Soundtrack itself is strong even from the start you can almost pick, listen to the track Saint Seiya Eternal (永遠の聖闘士):

Here’s the whole OST streamed for you to enjoy jejejeje, seriously just try it:

Watch Out Spoilers ahead, Click here to continue

Now that we can talk without fear of making a Spoiler lets talk about a few things that disappointed me but then about a lot of things tat were very nice about the Anime.

There’s a few Characters that could have been made better mostly because they feel very plain, like Ionia from Capricorn, not only the battle against the “Strongest” Gold Saint ends very quickly it kinda doesn’t make sense to praise Athena and Mars at the same time, also Mycenae from Leo is very plain designed incredibly cool and deep character that just gets tossed in a 5 second battle against Amor from Pisces.

Saint Seiya Omega Amor

Having said that Finding Kiki as the Cloth Repairer and Aries Gold Saint was just as cool as finding the other Bronzes like Shun, Hyoga and Shiryu, and actually watching Aries fight is way too cool, sadly is not an all out battle but we got to see Shion in Lost Canvas and Mu in the Hades Chapter giving it all, also Kiki lives so we might see him in the future. Other Saints like Gemini and Cancer were ok, since they’re not exactly great but it’s coherent all the way not like with Mycenae, we even got our first look at a female Gold Saint. Fudo from Virgo it’s really a good way to keep this specific Gold Saint as strong as his predecessors and the Fact he’s not technically beat makes it even better, Harbinger from Tauro is a bit odd since even after the fight you don’t know what to do with him if hate him or love him, not the case with Genbu from Libra jeje makes you even want that he was the true bearer of Libras Cloth but it’s clear in the storyline that right belongs to Shiryu and he’s only a temporal Libra. Sonia was one of the best characters, her rise and downfall is just perfect, at first I didn’t like the fact she becomes a Gold Saint but oh man was that fight and outcome good, not the same feeling I get from Tokisada from Aquarius which was forced into that Gold Cloth that shouldn’t be Hyoga’s right? but regardless the fact that his character is not cool the story was well put, finally Amor from Pisces after the first Pisces Gold Saint and myself being Pisces, I was really disappointed until I met Albafica! incredible Saint tat made up from everything Aphrodite did jeje, but then you learn the new Pisces Gold Saint name is Amor and you start to freak out, let me tell you wasn’t a disappointment at all, he was just incredibly and the way he gets used by Medea just compliments the good story made of him, I know it was lame but also defeating Leo in 5 seconds makes him possibly the strongest of them all in spite of the agreeing on Fudo having the strongest Cosmo o Ionia being the strongest probably because os wisdom and experience.

Lets get to the Bronze Saints, at least this time we get to know a logical explanation on why is Pegasus so special and his main “super power” is his strong will, not that it wasn’t for Seiya but Seiya manage to miraculously accomplish things Kouga does not and he gets past a few houses solely on te fact of his resolute which gets admiration from Gold Saints, Souma from Lionet is a good Character and probably the more complex out of the 5 Main Bronzes, and his closure as he fights Sonia from Scorpio is great, sadly Dragon is just ok this time around even Haruto is more reliable and Aquila’s is a good support for Seiya, maybe even love interest? but Eden is the new Ikki, strongest of them all and the vest arc from all Bronzes but I don’t count him on the 5 Main since he joins the fight in the fifth or sixth house.

Saint Seiya Omega Desings

The elemental powers introduction can get a little alien at first, but then it gets good and feels very natural across the storyline, but some things just get incoherent like why were there element stones, what are they for and why were they never used? but in the other hand having the original Bronzes who are still young and capable to fight cursed by Mars Darkness so they couldn’t fight but just guide the young Bronzes was very good sadly does this hints to the fact that Ikki, Shun and Hyoga never make it to Gold Saints?

Best part for me was the Aria Character and her story, it was so sad and complete, probably the only real character in this Anime you can connect with.

I just started the second Arc with Pallas and I already literally hate the return of the Steel Saints and the Cloth Boxes, why!? but as a fan of Saint Seiya since I was like 15 at least the War Against Mars Arc is a must see and you won’t feel disappointed, and because even not being the best Saint Seiya piece is still a good one might be a very good way to start in this universe of course to then get to watch all the other pieces.

The Verdict


The Good:

New fresh and clever 12 Houses climb, very good Gold Saints, aswell as New Young Bronzes epic original soundtrack! the Original Bronzes are still there but Ikki.

The Bad:

Some cheap design on both characters and environment/landscape basically.

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