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Hello there, my name is Alejandro I’m a Movie, Anime and Video Games enthusiast and here’s some facts about me.

Yan Saint SeiyaThe first thing you might be wondering is why the name DevilYan, well YanYan started as a fun nickname that came out of the fact I had very long hair in my early 20’s and I looked somehow kinda like this guy whose name is Yan (or well at least according to my college friends who obviously had a  poor judgement issue jeje).

Getting past the fact that the resemblance is quite exaggerated (if not non existant jeje) the name did got stuck with me after that as YanYan. A few years later I started to finally play my first Online a game named Star Wars: X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter, around 2004 if my memory doesn’t fail me, by then the name YanYan was perfect to use as Callsign, which was needed to join The Rebel Alliance at Dark Jedi org as a Pilot for Red Squadron, well after that it was kinda a legenday tale jeje that I will probably elaborate more on the Video Games main Page of this site one of these days, so to keep the story short I eventually got the Red Squadron Leadership and formed the last group of Red Devils that dominated the XvT arena in its final years before an eventual demise of the activity for the game, as the Red Devil leader I got reffered sometimes as DevilYan.

Devil Yan

To be honest YanYan was fine, but since YanYan is taken in most online communities or social networks I kinda took DevilYan as my Online Name and after 6 years it has already grown into me as probably more personal than the original YanYan.

Well there you go, mystery solved! jeje

Onto a bit more personal Stuff as I said my real name is Alejandro, I’m Venezuelan and currently in my early 30’s and I have been happyly married for about 2 and a half years, I’m suppossed to be eventually an Informatic Engineer and I’m also currently owner of a crazy dog that I can describe as out of this earth, to be self explanatory look at how she love Indiana Jones (btw ‘m very proud of what you’re about to watch jeje).

My wife and I … we are … well just plain insane about movies, we go to the Movie Theaters sometimes as much as 3 times a week and we rent some alongside aswell, so that’s why one of the things you’ll see around here are Movie Reviews. I like Video Games a lot aswell currently mostly on PS3 but some on PC, I’ve played in some Online communties such as Star Wars X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter as YanYan, Final Fantasy XI as DevilYan with the Teretha Character, the first failed attemp at Final Fantasy XIV also as DevilYan with Teretha Aelasar Character and Diablo III as DevilYan. In my mid teens I was dragged into Anime by two of my siblings Tere and Frero and started to watch animations like Rurouni Kenshin, Saint Seiya and Slayers but it wasn’t until after a Network available at Venezuela around 1998 that I really got into Anime understanding it as a gender of its own and all the cultural and artistics implications there are around it, nowadays I’m not having as much time to watch Anime as I used to butI’m planning onto changing that, in my good days I watched over 96 complete Series, OVAs and Movies, so expect to see stuff about Anime aswell around. Finally I like to learn about anything and everything to the point of kinda literally taking them apart to understand it, so I’m more than willing to share some of that knowledge self taught (as my English so I’m sorry it’s kinda poor) for stuff that could go from getting a self hosted site like this one, to Streaming Video to your PS3, XBox or Smart TV, Phone or Tablet.

I’m about done now talking about myself jeje if you feel like getting in contact with me to the right there are a lot of Social Networks you can interact with me and you can also contact me by E-Mail at [email protected]. I’m hoping someone will remember this jeje =P → LOL JAM YOPA!

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