47 Ronin, Keanu and Samurais are back!

I usually make a Video Post instead of a regular Post when all we have is just the Trailer, but this looks so good and feels so right that I had to look all the info I could, here is the trailer:

The release date for this one is on 47 Ronin PosterDecember 25th 2013 but it gets weird! for example in some European countries like Belgium it gets released 7 days before on the 18th, for most of the South American countries looks like we’ll have to wait until the first week of January. The movie is from a new Director named Carl Rinsch who is not new to directing but only has done shorts so far, lets hope it works, Chris Morgan from Wanted and Fast & Furious 4, 5 and 6 is on the Screenplay.

This has been a good year for movies exploring new genders so far exploited only in Comics, Anime and Manga, even though two years we got Sucker Punch is this same genre, is cool to have a movie like this the same year we got the first serious Hollywood produced Kaiju/Mecha movie. I have been a fan of Keanu’s work and I’ll for sure, no matter what the critic says about this one, watch this one on cinema.

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