Meet Ikki, Teretha Finally got her Chocobo!

This game keeps getting better and better jeje its sooo addictive I haven’t been blogging at all since all the Login issues were solved, in fact I’m not here by chance jeje it’s Maintenance day.

Anyways just wanted to share with you all I got my Chocobo … errr like a week ago but yeah I’m falling behind on posting up my progress, there’s a lot of content on the way like videos and recommendations for the Dungeon and hard quests I have done so far, well without further ado here it is, Ikki!!!

In case you’re wondering on how to get the Chocobo it’s fairly easy and it comes kind of early in the game, all you need is to be Level 20 and having successfully done the Level 20 Grand Company Adhesion Quest of your choice, for Twin Adder it is Wood’s Will Be Done, for Immortal Flames it is For Coin and Country and for Maelstrom it is Till Sea Swallows All.

After you choose a Grand Company with the Quests I mentioned above, all you have to do is get 2000 Company Seals to buy a Chocobo Issuance and then give it to the Chocobo Keep at Gridania, Limsa Lominsa or Ul’dah.

I’ll post a Video soon, still doing YouTube tests to ensure proper HD content jeje.


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