DevilYan on Iron Banner, what I learned from it … I actually got better

Hello Guardians, first of all my hardcore gaming days are over jeje last time for me was at the end of the X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter era … A long time ago in a galaxy far very very far away, so nowadays I play solely for fun and let’s say I don;t play PvP much and I’m not good at all at it, to top that off when I was in Venezuela the connection didn’t help at all.


I decided this time to try the Comcast connection in the US with the last Iron Banner event (needed the Etheric Lights jeje) and wowza, I discovered a completely different world, I don’t actually suck that much and was playing Control wrong all along! so I’m gonna share three tips that made me play better and a short video on how I’m faring at PvP these days =)

Know the Maps: Every map has at least a couple of routes to get to any Control Point (Iron Banner has been Control Mode of Crucible so far), you need that information to either Capture the Control Point or Defend it, then now that you know how to approach one or maintain it you need to check if you’ll need a close quarters strategy or a ranged one, usually you’d want to go Shotgun for closed quarters and Snipers for Ranged, but that’s not always the most efficient and balanced way, a couple of well put shots of Hawkmoon or Thorn can take out a Sniper, Snipers need to be on the move or have a solid communication with the rest of the team to avoid getting flanked, for Closed Quarters play it safe, you can try to get your health back if you;re in a tough position, remember if you get killed you’re points against your team, so less deaths means more points for your team, less for the enemy team and a better K/D ratio overall.


Get a Shotgun: Yes get a Shotgun, everyone has at least a decent Sniper sitting around somewhere, but there’s a lot of player who have never used a Shotgun before and it’s game breaking in almost all maps, even a not fully leveled one can one shot another player on close quarters or leave it with low enough health to finish him/her up with a quick melee.

Choose the right Primary Weapon: Yup not everyone will wreck with Thorn, and some different play styles don’t go well with it, can’t tell how many times I’ve been killed in a 3v1 fight where the 1 guy had Red Death and got his/her health back after killing one or two of us, definitely choose wisely, I for one love the Hawkmoon because of its Range, and the increased Damage on those three bullets, but choose your primary weapon according to your play style and what do you feel more comfortable playing with, not with what the player base uses the most or the coolest one, might not fit your style.


Again it’s not like I’m a PvP, I’m actually very far from it but thought these tips might help someone and well the best way to get better at something is putting some effort on looking what you can do to get better =)

See you around Guardians!

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