Playing Through Assassin’s Creed Origins

Hey everyone!

Assassin’s Creed has been always one of my favorites game franchises, and let’s be honest, Ezio Auditore da Firenze has to be in pretty much everyone’s top list video games characters, most of my PSN Platinum Trophies are from Assassin’s Creed Games including the one from Origins, and was sad to see the franchise go through such a hard time having all the potential in the world, having beaten the game and obtained the Platinum Trophy this are my thoughts.

What I liked

I’m really happy they’re back to some of the roots, now we have a again a consistent plot for the real world present that we lost along with Desmond, the Ancient Artifacts felt like a combination of the Apple Revelation on the first game and the conversation Ezio has with Desmond at Altair’s Library on Revelations.
The Combat System is very good, you can feel the weight of the attacks given and taken with a heavy weapon, and the arrows on the shield, you can feel the impact on those too. It’s specially well designed when you face a huge enemy like the War Elephants or a crowd of crocodiles feels very organic.

The Open World is very well made too, pretty balanced although there are some activities like forts that repeat too much.

What I didn’t like

Camera can have a little overhaul to improve just what the combat system is missing, along with some awkward collision mechanics here and there,  once I assassinated a guard from the second floor having the animation place me on the first floor for the assassination and then bring me back at the second floor in the end.

The Plot although it was ok, it has way more potential, we still don;t know why Assassins if they start as Hidden Ones, the Creed is mentioned only once in the whole game and it’s not even word by word “Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted” and there’s a lot of paranormal stuff happening which seems normal enough for Bayek to just keep going and don’t mind it, I would expect for him to research into what was going on on the messages from those Ancient Devices and why does that Staff and Orb did what they did the people, gladly the game is not entirely wrapped and we should get some more plot on the DLCs.

I hope you guys and gals enjoy the game as much as I did, guess I’ll leave it alone for a while until the next Trial of the Gods, see yas!

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