BAMF Memorabilia of Final Fantasy XIV Times

Jeje with us clearing T8 of the Second Coil of Bahamut I thought it would be nice to compile some of the videos of my adventures in Eorzea alongside Jaish, Geez, Val, A’o, Bod, Bella, A’ts, Melli, Quixote, Forger, Aspen, Korvus, Twizznigglz, Moxie, Largetto, Ise, Phazey and so many many more I maybe don’t remember right now on Ultros Server.

Second Coil of Bahamut Turn 7 and Turn 8

Lets start with two of the big fights, we finish them the usual BAMF way jeje specially Turn 8 we had a bit more of time on Turn 7, the BAMF way is to clear the Trial, Raid or Quest in the last possible second due to the clock running out of time, being killed at the same time and the DoTs finish the boss among others jeje:

Good King Mong Extreme Mode

Well this is just enough of a fun fight without having it cleared it with the entire group dead LOL, it was the Moar DoTs what took Good King Mog down

Ramuh Extreme Mode

Ok so we not always finish things the BAMF way, I mean … common we had at least 2 more tries before the clock ran out jeje

Urth’s Fount Hard Mode (Odin Fight)

Wow talking about BAMF way, I think we actually tied with Odin and the game is coded to give priority on deciding the victor if you’re the player and not the AI LOL

Well not gonna bore you guys much more, I would gladly help or play with anyone that needs/wants on Ultros Server, just /tell me in game and we’ll see.


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