Starting to Watch Saint Seiya Omega

You might have been wondering where Yan was … let me tell you the rumors of my demise were widely exaggerated jejejeje, I’m still trying to Platinum The Last of Us and yes, I know I said I had Btoom and Deadman Wonderland downloaded jeje but for some reason I started as my next watch Saint Seiya Omega and so far I’m kind of addicted.

Saint Seiya Omega Elements Banner

At first I didn’t like at all the animation, and  still think they are a bit cheap to an anime with such fan base, but the story is really good, the first Saint Seiya was a bit modular for me being the start with te Galactic Tournament and the Dark Saints is a little off from the series core, while this time around as with Lost Canvas is very straight forward and to accomplish a storyline thought from the start.

The new characters are very cool, though a bit rushed into more powerful versions of themselves, hopefully in their journey through the 12 houses it’ll be more paced and logical, but this Kouga is way better than Seiya and we get to see the old Bronze Saints! well so far three of them plus Seiya who is now Sagittarius, the Aria character and arc were just wonderful, so far I’m on episode 30 of 66 I’ll keep you posted.

So cool to listen to Pegasus Fantasy again … daaaakishimetaaaa, kokoro no kosumoooooo … jejejeje

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