Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Server Issue Update

Gladly SQUARE-ENIX is finally rolling the sleeves up and doing the so much desired tweak and increase of server capacities, Naoki Yoshida the game Producer and Director posted up a few days ago an update about the situation and the solution for it, here you can read the letter:

Naoki Yoshida

Read Yoshi’s Letter

That’s something I can respect and wish would have come sooner, I can’t understand how from the number of BETA Players registered (over a Million) didn’t make them notice they were under capacity for the player base at Early Access and Launch but well … that’s water down the river, the good thing is that today from 05:00 PM PDT of today September 3rd till 03:00 AM of September 4th after which we’ll need a Client Update, I expect a small Update.


Maintenance Notice

Gladly we are also getting a 7 day Free Play extension effective as soon as the maintenance is over and the new servers are set up, which is cool because we won’t be paying for the time the game was broken, however I do not feel compensated for not being able to play the Early Access.

Read About Free Trial Extension

 Lets hope all this Server and Login issues are over from tomorrow onward because the game is amazing and incredibly addicted. See you all in game on the Ultros Server.ffxiv 2013-09-02 18-58-43-71

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