Final Fantasy XIV A New Realm Reborn Closed Beta Test Phase 3

I come bringing only good news specially for me jeje, I missed last Beta Weekend and I’m sad for that, but the final Phase which is the fourth is next! the dates are still to be announced and it’ll be an Open Beta without interruption to test Server stress but Limited to PS3 and PC invitees and FFXIV V1.0 Characters, here’s the official info:

Click to access FFXIV_2.0_BETA_Roadmap_EN.pdf

To top the good news I got my old account back! which means I’ll probably soon get back on FFXI and finally transfer my old FFXIV Characters to the A Realm Reborn Version, I was placed in Durandal Server which is a Japanese Regional Server, thank god I was able to apply for the Transfer, if you had an old Character go run and get in here now so you can apply to your transfer to a proper server when the commercial version of FFXIV ARR comes out, here’s the chart aswell:

Ridill Japan Ridill Japan
Masamune Japan Masamune Japan
Durandal Japan Durandal Japan
Aegis Japan Aegis Japan
Gungnir Japan Gungnir Japan
Sargatanas Japan Sargatanas North America/Europe
Balmung Japan Balmung North America/Europe
Hyperion Japan Hyperion North America/Europe
Excalibur Japan Excalibur North America/Europe
Ragnarok Japan Ragnarok North America/Europe

Get moving doing the transfer, you only got from PDT, June 21 (Friday) to 07:59 PDT, July 15 (Monday) of 2013 to make the application, I joined Balmung Server with two Characters Teretha Aelasar and Moneko Khlio, though I might aswell get into a new server without Version 1.0 Gil that will be an impact to someone starting, anyway feel absolutely free to add me as friend jeje.


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