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I am and have been a Video Game enthusiast since I was about 14 years old back in 1994, I remember my first compuetar being an IBM 286 with no HD and only 512 Kbs of RAM, yeah I’m getting old lol by the time I wrote this the first game I’ve ever played was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Adventure Game on PC and the most recent on is The Last of Us on PS3.

Indiana Jones Old PC Game

What I like the most is RPGs specially Final Fantasy jeje (bet you would have never guess jeje) but I also loved Star Wars games, note I’m saying loved, since I beleive that lately all Star Wars games released are not nearly as good in quality as Lucasarts used to make, beleive it or not I’m one of those strange cases were the passion from Star Wars actually started in Video Games by playing an old PC game called Rebel Assault and then I watched the movies as a teenager to better understand the game’s universe, and not the other way around as normal people usually do jeje, watching the movies first then moving onto the games.

ButI have not always played RPGs and Adventure Games I was once a legendary Pilot from said Star Wars games, it started with TIE Fighter (Remember the 3 1.44 MB floppies) then it’s expansions and eventually ended playing the oldest one in the X-Wing series … X-Wing itself with all the expansions (gheez guess DLCs have kinda existed from the start just that bacj then you had to get the expasions physically and you couldn’t download it now that I think of it jeje) but then X-Wing vs TIE Fighter and became my world for a couple of years and well I became a Legend jeje, I think I’m still at 10th place in the overall rank of the Hall of Fame and I last flew in 2007.

Player Card

Then Real Life became a priority (lol ask anyboady around from when I played XvT, I was literally retired from real life back then =P) and I moved after a couple of years of no online gaming activity to Final Fantasy XI, good times … I remember not being able play it becuase I had a very old PC and it tool me about a year of salart from my first job to assemble my first gaming oriented PC.

It didn’t end my Real Life jeje butwas a lot of fun I remember how hard was to cap a Job level to 75 which was the cap from when I played for a couple of years actually, before it was raised recenty to 99, it took me like 4 years to get Thief, Red Mage and Paladdin to Level 75 and lla the other Subjobs like Warrior, Ranger, Ninja, Black Mage, White Mage and Scholar to 37 jeje, butwell I did.

I used to form part of the Sybil’s Secret Service Linkshell in Asura Server along with a few folks at DJO that used to also play XvT with a main Character named Teretha because of my little sister.

Teretha Card

In the mean time I got my first own Console a shiny new Playstation 2 where I found a whole new world of games awesome in story and other levels like story and character design, enviroments and even music, I never owned a PSX but I set my target to one day get a PS2 and then play all the PSX games  had missed, so after I got the PS2 Console the first thing I did was play Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VIII then moving into current gen games for that time like Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Final Fantasy X and Masterpieces like Shadow of the Colossus or Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Eventually it was only natural that I got a Playstation 3 but by then I had quitted Final Fantasy XI because of time and given the fact I started studying again to finish my Engineering degree, so I kinda moved from Online Gaming again, here I saw some really works of art like Heavy Rain, LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption and currently The Last of Us. I also found some games that for some reason got me addicted like Assassin’s Creed Series, it’s the only games I have gotten Platinum Trophies for all edition and all the DLCs and I still don’t know what is the thing tat appelas me so much about them jeje.

Well that’s about all my Gamer history hope you guys and gals enjoy my thoughts about current games which I’ll be posting about and eventually I’ll be helping you guys with game info not actual making walkthroughs but I can point you in the right directions and that sort of things. I am currently also reviving planning on Playing Final Fantasy XIV as Teretha Aelasar in Ultros Server along with my old Linkshell buddies from Final Fantasy XI hope to see you around there.


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