BAMF Defeats Odin at the Urth’s Fount Trial

Yeah I know, I’m still not posting frequently enough and yes this was several weeks ago jeje, but here you go anyways jeje:


After the first 20ish minutes trying to beat Odin he beat us being so close to the win! he had less than 1% Hit Points left!

So close right!? jeje but we did manage to defeat Odin with the clock running out of time, strategy wise is not that complicated, just dodge all the AOEs until Gungir is about to drop, at which time the three selected players need to spread out into a triangle the 3 Red Circles that will mark the Gungir spawns to reduce the damage on everyone, notice how I take mine to the north east of the arena while the other 2 Red Circles take place at the same distance from mine, last try to build a 2 Bars Limit Break to unleash it right before Zankenzuken completes and wipes the whole party

Hope you guys enjoy, see you all later!!!

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