Final Fantasy XIV fails Early Access and Launch, Naoki Yoshida (吉田 直樹) we want Solutions not an Apology

So SQUARE ENIX not only did a lousy job at stress testing their servers, apparently no one did o cared to at least plan ahead with all the Preorder sales numbers. The Phase 4 of Beta Testing was the first sign of a lousy service, while it was a Beta and problems was a perfectly normal scenario, the lack of communication what wasn’t the expected level of a company as SQUARE ENIX should have been, the core problem? servers capacity.


Then came the Early Access (more accurately Nearly Access) plagued with server issues again affecting Instanced Battles and Duty Finder function, preventing players to enjoy the game and to get the benefit they paid for in advance of release, to make things worse server issues weren’t solved and only got semi stable once a Login restriction were implemented, I feel scammed by SQUARE ENIX and fooled by Naoki Yoshida (吉田 直樹).


Now that the game launch is official, there’s still Login restrictions and the free days I should get as benefit from being a previous V 1.0 owner (of a broken game) are running while I can’t play, I work at a service company and this is just plain simple, money needs to be invested on server capacity right now to prevent players from detracting from playing the game, in the end you’ll end up putting money into compensation anyways and a full smooth launch of this game (which regardless of all server issues is really really good) will only result on more players thus justifying the more servers capacity investment.

We want Naoki Yoshida (吉田 直樹) to take responsibility and we don’t need an apology, what we need is a solid statement about the solution and actions about the compensation we are going to get for all the Early Access time promised and lost aswell as the Official Release time running while we can’t play when we want for a game we are paying, we are supposed to be enjoying this and not being stressed about this and the possible loss of our money in a good product that doesn’t work and that has compromises that must be fulfilled.

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