Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Beta Phase 4 and Early Access Dates!

It’s getting closer to the 27th for the official relaunch of the game and the dates for the fourth and final Beta phase has been released, 16th to 19th for Closed Beta participants and from 17th to 19th for Open Beta, the Early Access date is from the 24th until 26th before official release the 27th. You can read the whole Letter from the Producer, here’s the source:

It has been also confirmed that the Phase 4 of the Beta will be capped at 20 and that all progress will be carried to release version, so lets get busy!, jeje I’ll be playing as Teretha Aelasar in Ultros server, I decided to start from scratch with my old FFXI group Sybils Secret Service, you’re welcome to join us if you want a group to start with, we are casual play oriented.

Anyways get started on downloading the new Client which will work for this Beta Phase aswell as for the Official Release, you’ll need your Beta Tester credentials.

So far as a one of the Beta Tester everything is looking awesome and seems like the Final Fantasy era of an awful FFXIV, FFXIII Versus broken promises and a FFXIII that didn’t deliver what was expected is over, but just for kicks here’s the old Opening Sequence which was quite good:

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