The power Of iOS Apps in New Video

Apple has just posted a lengthy, nearly 10 minute video (via 9to5Mac) about how apps built for its platform are used around the world to make changes that significantly impact people’s lives. It’s a very different approach from the typical Apple commercial, which is generally a short affair focusing on what apps are doing to add a little bit of levity or convenience to the average consumer’s life.

This is much more about big-picture issues, and profound impacts on a select few people that are truly life-changing. It’s actually thematically pretty similar to the company’s new “Our Signature” ad for television, but with a strong focus on actual case studies, instead of just on Apple’s guiding principles in building its products. And of course, it also highlights third-party developers specifically, offering some much-deserved attention to those who are keeping pockets of human culture alive, or building dramatic advances in medical tech, not just the ones who are making it easier for people to create and share grocery lists.


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