Final Fantasy XIV Beta Testing Starts!

After a lot of problems locating the info or steps to reactivate my Version 1.0 Characters for the PC Beta Welcome Back Campaing, I couldn’t even activate my old SQUARE ENIX ID! lets hope it can get resolved and running in no time since all my FFXI info was there 🙁 and would suck incredibly to lose it. Update!!! I was able to figure it out get to the official FFXIV site, to the right locate the Lodestone banner, in the next screen it’s hard to realize but on the upper left section there’s a Login button (I’m serious, it’s really hard to see) click it and pray you still have your account and not like me, good luck!

Regardless, I got pretty lucky and got a PS3 Beta Testing Invite! so I created a new account for that while the other issue gets resolved and if I’m lucky I’ll start playing tonight! here’s the only Screen I can and will show due to Beta Tester Agreement Statement. Hope to see some of you in the Beta so we can talk in the Forums!

FFXIV Beta Testing Featured

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