Fang and Hope Featured in Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns

I know I’ve been lazy as of lately and haven’t put a post in some time now, but common you’ve got to understand I have just gotten my copy of The Last Of Us and I’m still playing it, jeje so I haven’t had time to do much else and I’m still at 52% of completion, but anyways today I come with more good news about Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns.

We get to play with Cloud’s wardrobe and Buster Sword! yup it’s not as good as to actually being able to play as Cloud but guess yu can’t complain about what you get, I just wished they would just do a HD Remake of Final Fantasy VI and VII already, of course this featured is not exactly available to everybody and to obtain it you must Preorder the game, it’s supposedly to be until supplies last but let’s be honest although since the First FFXIII things have been getting better for the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga, I don’t really think its going to sell so much that the Preorder supplies will get depleted.

Also this last couple of days we got a new Trailer that shows more Gameplay and two Characters from previous FFXIII titles that make a comeback, one of them is Fang! the other one being Hope I’m not that happy about jeje, lets just better watch the Trailer:

With all the Final Fantasy XIV and XV hype this is getting me really interested in the game, after all I own the previous 2 FFXIII titles though I have just finished the First one (BTW add me as friend in the PSN, my ID is Saitouh … yeah DevilYan, DevilYanYan and even YanYan were taken by the time I made my PSN ID) so it makes just sense that I complete the collection, looking forward to the real-time action combat on this one while FFXV arrives.

Also because I’m lazy and don’t want to make a whole new post just for this here’s 13 Minutes of Gameplay! you can even watch how Lightning Equipment works and customization down to color palletes!

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