Real Life Lego X-Wing

This is nuts! Lego made a 5 million pieces and 45 thousand pounds X-Wing!


The model was presented in New York at Time’s Square for three days before it was moved to the West Coast at the Legoland Resort in California where it’ll remain until the end of the year, word is you’ll be able to sit inside OMG!

According to Gizmodo (who had exclusive access to the hangar where it was assembled after it arrived at New York from the Czech Republic, you can find their article here) here are the dimensions and some other stats:

    • Contains 5,335,200 LEGO bricks
    • Weighs 45,979.61 pounds (including bricks and steel infrastructure)
    • Height: 11 feet / 3.35 meters
    • Length: 43 feet / 13.1 meters
    • Wingspan: 44 feet / 13.44 meters
    • 32 builders spent 17,336 hours (about 4 months) to construct
    • Engines light up and roar
    • You can go in the cockpit and sit (sadly only if you are a child)


I wish I could see publicity like this one here in Venezuela, maybe one day jeje, for the moment I’ll have to settle with this gallery, the credit for most of the images go to Gizmodo again.


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