Back at Watching Anime with Sword Art Online

Today after a long time I started watching a whole new Anime series, after looking around a bit on and Anime Reactor Forum I found something that got my attention called Sword Art Online, jeje I guess a bit fueled by the excitement of the soon to be launched Final Fantasy XIV.


As here in Venezuela we still can’t even dream about getting a legal distribution of practically any Anime and we get the amount of foreign currency we can spend controlled by the government I had to recur to get a fansub group release, if you look for it you can find the torrents for the Coalgirls encode, it’s not great I’m having quite a few artifacts but the subs are flawless and very well done, also in the past when downloading several files on a torrent has made some of them weird so it might be the reason by I’m having the encode not that good.

So far I’m on the 12th episode, jeje yeah I know I did kind of a marathon here, but today is a Venezuelan Holiday to celebrate Simon Bolivar’s birthday and I got off work today. This Anime is weird I almost dropped it on the 3rd episode but something made me kept going, at times it felt like a hollow story with no connection whatsoever with a lot of characters drop in and out constantly some even very good in terms of design and development like Asuna or Silica and her Familiar, but it takes from like Episode 2 to Episode 7 to see Asuna again and from there it rocketed into a more romantic story than anything else, also on at least the first 6 or 5 episodes everything is kind of rushed up and a lot happens off-screen that feels just weird.


Regardless of all that the character development is very nice and the situation though a bit farfetched is starting to settled into a more logical and more connected to the viewer place, the characters really get to you and start to feel close, Kirito is not tat bad as a main character at all as it is not your typical super strong and manly hero nor he is a damaged and selfless drag that drives the story *coughs Shinji coughs* jeje. Other characters like Lisbeth, Silica, Yui or Sachi really add up maybe not that much to the story but to the likeness of the setting and world the Anime presents, there’s a couple of tragic moments that makes you feel closer to what’s happening that guess was what kept me going on, maybe I’ll finish it by the end of the week and make a review.


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