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The most anticipated Game this year for PS3, actually … the other most anticipated game of the year along side Beyond: Two Souls was just released for Reviews yesterday obtaining astonishing Reviews that puts it in the Masterpiece and even Legendary Categories on most if not any of the Video Game Reviews realm.

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Just so so you can take a look at the Reviews yourself and watch all the buzz around the game here are some of them:

metacritic → 96/100 getting to the top of the highest rated Video Game lot of all time from this group, the one that follows is Bioshock: Infinite with 94/100

The Guardian UK → 5 Stars out of 5 “The Last of Us is visually arresting, mechanically solid, maturely written and by turns heart-rending, tense, unnerving and brutal. Check your ammo. Grab your shiv. Just try your best to stay alive.

USA Today → 4 Stars out of 4 “The Last of Us is yet another example of Naughty Dog’s expertise in video game storytelling and presentation, not to mention a new entrant into the discussion for this year’s best title.

IGN → 10 Masterpiece “Its unrivaled presentation in particular sets the bar even higher than the Uncharted trilogy already did, and its writing, voice acting and layered gameplay combine to create what is very easily the game to beat for Game of the Year 2013.

Trusted Reviews → 9/10 “The Last of Us might not be the most stunningly original or mind-blowing game you’ll play this year, but it’s an intelligent, polished and grimly satisfying work of gaming art.

Gamespot → 8.0 Great “The Last of Us is a singular adventure that looks the downfall of humanity in the eyes and doesn’t blink

Eurogamer → “The Last of Us is a deeply impressive demonstration of how it can and should be done. It starts out safe but ends brave; it has heart and grit, and it hangs together beautifully. And it’s a real video game, too. An elegy for a dying world, The Last of Us is also a beacon of hope for its genre.

joystiq → 5 Stars out of 5 “For all the darkness and death, the revelation that the good guy isn’t necessarily a good guy, I loved both Joel and Ellie. I wanted to fight for them, to see it through no matter what.

Giant Bomb → 5 Stars out of 5 “Naughty Dog throws out its own rule book and challenges players to survive a harrowing but thrilling journey through a world forever changed by death and destruction.

Games Radar → 5 Stars out of 5 Astonishing “… the game is a thrilling, emotionally pounding and intellectually nourishing experience.

Edge → 10/10 “At times it’s easy to feel like big-budget development has too much on the line to allow stubbornly artful ideas to flourish, but then a game like The Last Of Us emerges through the crumbled blacktop like a climbing vine, green as a burnished emerald.

Computers and Video Games → 10/10 “The Last of Us is a remarkable achievement, and one of those rare games that you never want to end as you approach the finale.”

Electroninc Gaming Monthly → 9.5/10″This game is good—very good. It’s just that it’s also complex—in a way that makes boiling down my exact postgame emotions to easy-to-digest blocks of text a very challenging endeavor.

Game Informer → 9.5/10 “The Last of Us is a deeply felt, shockingly violent game that questions what we’re willing to sacrifice and, more disturbingly, what we’re willing to do to save the ones we love. The conclusion offers no easy answers. You won’t forget it.

Games TM UK → 9/10 “It’s a technical marvel, a true triple-A with best-in-show production values, but it’s the beautiful combination of performance and story that elevates it clearly above the competition.

Official Playstation Magazine UK → 10/10 “This is a work of art in which amazing sights and sounds fuel an emotionally draining, constantly compelling end of days adventure. This is Naughty Dog pushing PS3 to its absolute limit. In other words: buy it.

polygon → 7.5/10 “It achieves incredible emotional high points about as often as it bumps up against tired scenario design that doesn’t fit its world.

VideoGamer → 10/10 “The Last of Us isn’t just the PlayStation 3’s swan song; it’s the best exclusive on the console full stop.

Are you excited about the game? I am and already bought mine at Amazon, too bad that even when it’ll be delivered on the 14th it’ll arrive at Venezuela probably 3 weeks later, we don’t have any kind of distribution other than very expensive imports.

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